Commit b7458010 authored by Tony Tam's avatar Tony Tam
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Merge pull request #326 from aerotech/upstream

Request URL updates for all operations in our resource
parents 49f48044 6db63006
......@@ -220,7 +220,7 @@ class OperationView extends Backbone.View
pre = $('<pre class="json" />').append(code)
response_body = pre
$(".request_url").html "<pre>" + data.request.url + "</pre>"
$(".request_url", $(@el)).html "<pre>" + data.request.url + "</pre>"
$(".response_code", $(@el)).html "<pre>" + data.status + "</pre>"
$(".response_body", $(@el)).html response_body
$(".response_headers", $(@el)).html "<pre>" + JSON.stringify(data.getHeaders()) + "</pre>"
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